Cisco Certified Refurbished

When the network demands New but the budget demands the best for less

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Are you looking for ways to get the most value from your technology budget, maintain and extend the life of your existing network, or meet a critical project delivery schedule? Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment is a genuine and trusted complement to new Cisco equipment, with no compromise in performance, quality, support, or value.

Peace of Mind from Cisco Certified. The performance, security, and integrity of your network begins with the integrity of the equipment. Fully remanufactured using ISO 9001/14001 certified processes and proprietary firmware and hardware upgrades, comprehensive testing, and reconditioned to Cisco specifications, our products carry the same full Cisco warranty and support options as new products, and are fully licensed for immediate use. Sold by the same Cisco authorized channels that already provide you with new Cisco equipment, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment protects your business, your network, and your peace of mind.

Lower Lifecycle Ownership Costs. The economics of your network over its lifecycle is an important consideration in its design, deployment, operation, and maintenance. Whether your network requirements call for disaster recovery and redundancy capabilities, onsite spares, nonproduction applications such as test labs, or the need to maintain and extend the life of legacy networks, Cisco’s extensive inventory of 3500+ unique remanufactured products can be used throughout your network to reduce the total cost of the system over its useful life, and protect your technology investment.

Increase Budget Flexibility. With savings of up to 80 percent off list prices for new equipment, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment gives you more options for working within your budget. By saving on refurbished equipment, you get more technology for the dollars you spend. Projects that are vital, but have traditionally low return on investment, may become viable. When combined with new Cisco products in a project, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment helps free up funds to accelerate IT projects that may have previously been deferred or delayed due to resource constraints.