My biggest obstacle is finding a reseller that perform to the hype of their webpage. For over 20 years I have been working with WRCA and Rivera family. In the early days there weren’t webpages, just relations and Warner was someone I could count on. Today his son Steve and his team have continued the tradition of providing quality network and telecom equipment solutions. Like many businesses, we depend on our network for countless reasons and with WRCA on our team we are confident we are always covered.

Kevin Lane, Network Administrator - Union Pacific Railroad

Simple. Simple. Simple. I love working with WRCA. Always have what I need, when I need it. Overnight shipments always welcomed, never an issue, even late orders. Thanks Guys!

Pat Smith - Purchasing - Verizon

Your involvement in our network upgrade was invaluable and very cost effective. Your partnership with Cisco and the others is obvious and very resourceful for these jobs. Thanks for being part of our Team!!

William Carolani - CTO - Carrier Support Group

Outdated, discontinued, hard to find, those are the labels used to describe the equipment I seek daily. I appreciate you guys always being there for.

Sue Witski - Purchasing - Amtrak

Relentless Reliable Recycling!! With just under 100 employees stationed in our Corporate office we were so impressed with WRCA ability to do the removal of the equipment without disrupting the workflow of the office. Thank you for your professional approach and execution.

Jaden Harris - Network Administrator - ADP